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Mask Making Workshops


We run an assortment of mask making workshops, the focus is to engage through creativity and encouraging a daring sense of adventure. We originated on the UK festival circuit but have adapted and developed the mask making experience to fit unique private functions, Team Building creative days and now travel the world delivering pioneering leadership programmes with Roundtable Global

team building mask making
party masks masquerade
mask and movement
The Business of
Mask Making


We can design a mask making workshop to suit your business focus; whether it be team building, leadership, communication and self awareness or just inspiring creativity and exploring identity.



Making Masks for a private
Party or Arts Project


If you have a particular event or arts project in need of masks you can either commission Head of House Designs or run a workshop for your team to make some truly unique and well made masks for the occasion.




Mask & Movement Workshops


In conjunction with RoundTable Global we have designed the powerful experience; Mask & Movement Workshop. For more information please click on the link below or contact us directly.



The Masketeers

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The Masketeers run childrens workshops for 8 to 15 year olds and craft workshops for festivals. This is a fun loving high energy workshop for those who want to create something original to play in.

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