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Winners of the Most Creative Hat award at the Dubai World Cup

Creativity and Heritage Sculpting the Future

Art Director Bebe Leone & Charlotte Tiley from Head of House Designs are off to a flying start together by winning the Jaguar Style Stakes 2015 - Most Creative Hat Award at 20th Dubai World Cup with the original Falcon headpiece.

This piece was the first in a series of artworks Bebe Leone and Head of House Designs are collaborating on that represent Dubai and it's heritage. Bebe realises creative portraits that combine set design and photography: she carefully chooses each component of her sets to tell stories of individuals and families based on their own history. The Falcon headpiece is an homage to the UAE 's sporting tradition s and culture : symbol of heritage, power and regal beauty.

Charlotte's designs are always original and bespoke to the project as she works closely with clients to understand their style, taste, emotions behind the commission. Made by hand using mixed media and salvaged material that have a history themselves: the falcon's beak was made out of left over materials from the Royal Opera House!

The effects of the anthropomorphic animal masks and wall hangings can completely change an atmosphere; not only are they decorative and playful but powerful objects that carry a deeper significance within. Those who wear them are called to perform, they bringing life and energy to a photoshoot, film or party.

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